Greater Toronto Area

F. A. Q.

We Lump so you don't have to.

1. What are your rates and how are they determined?

Rates will vary from customer to customer. Each customer has unique needs. Our goal is to meet your needs cheaper than what you are currently paying.  We need to know what your bringing in or shipping out, the piece count, number of sorts etc.. so that we can determine a fair price that can be agreed upon. 

2. How do you charge if not by the hour?

We charge by the trailer or container load. Customized rates are agreed upon per trailer / container and invoiced each week.

3. Why use Advanced Lumping Solutions rather than a Temp Agency?

Our workers are compensated by production which provides motivation to get the job done quickly and accurately. We have had very little turnover which increases product familiarization as well as dependable and experienced labor.

Flexibility is crucial in meeting our customers’ needs. No matter your volume or lack thereof, we strive to provide the right amount of labor to meet your needs on a daily basis. We are fully insured with both General Liability and Workers Compensation (W.S.I.B). If one of our workers has an injury, we deal with it.

4. Can we use your service in addition to another?

Absolutely! We realize you will not want to risk losing your existing labour until you know for sure that the new labour can get the job done and at the right price. If you are using another lumper service and need a back-up service, we will be more than pleased to help you when the other company is unable to.  

5. Can we try your service out?

Yes, you really have nothing to lose and very much to gain. Try us out by allowing us to do a few trailers or containers. Judge for yourself and witness our speed, accuracy, and price. You can continue to use our service or advise us that it is not working out. No hard feelings.   

6. Why do you think you can provide your service cheaper than what we are currently paying?

Lack of middle management translates into cheaper rates for our customers and higher incentives for our associates.

7. Can you bill the trucking companies instead of the distribution centers?

Yes, some distribution centers are set up this way. We can bill either party. We can work directly with the trucking company if need be. Even if the distribution center pays for the shipping/receiving charges, there may be times when the trucking company could be responsible for certain charges.

8. How long has your service been in business?

We have been in the lumping business since 1998. 

9. Why floor load a shipment if it will fit on pallets?

The labor cost to floor load will be cheaper than the price of the pallets going out the door.

10. How soon can I call you to have workers at my place of business?

We prefer you call us a day before so that we can schedule our workers. You can call us in the morning and request workers for the same afternoon and if we have workers available we will send them to your place of business. 

11. How many workers do you send?

We will send a team of two workers per container or trailer. If you have multiple containers at the same time, we will send additional teams of workers.

12. What happens when a container does not arrive on time but your workers are here as scheduled?

We have a half hour grace period at no charge. After the half hour grace period a waiting time charge per worker will be charged. A rep will explain the rates when they come out to see you. 

13. What happens when a worker is not working out at our location?

The worker in question will finish the load and will not be sent to your place of business ever again in the future.

14. How does your billing work?

We charge a flat rate per container, trailer or boxcar.

15. Our operations are 24/7. Can you accommodate us?

We will do our very best to meet all your needs.

16. Are your workers available on Sundays and holidays?

Our workers are available whenever you need them.

17. What happens if one of your workers get injured on our property?

We are fully insured with both General Liability and Workers Compensation (W.S.I.B.). If one of our workers is injured while on your property we will deal with it. Simply call your rep and he will come over to start the paperwork.  

18. I have used other lumper services in the past.  What makes you better?

Our years of service in this industry and experience will speak volumes. We have experienced workers willing and ready to work. Our professional staff is always here and ready to assist you with all your lumping needs.

19. Who do I contact if an issue arises? Do you have a rep on the road should we need to see someone right away?   

We will assign a rep to your account. Should you have any issues, simply call your rep on his cell phone and he will come over to your place of business to correct or rectify any issue(s) you may have.